Sample Instruments

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The first of many sample instruments!

Majetone Industries and ambient artist Stacxk created Winding Vinyl Felt Piano for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above.

The instrument features a meticulously sampled vintage lovely sounding Pleyel upright piano treated with added extra felt for each key.

The recordings were done using the Extinct Audio BMx2 Valkyr stereo ribbon and Aston Starlight SDCs and with a selection of valve and EMI TG style preamps.

Multi-velocity layered felt piano samples

13 unique guitar pedal based impulse responses

Tape Saturation, wow & vinyl for an analogue warmth and drift.

Please Note: Requires Kontakt 5.8.1 (or higher). Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

Available exclusively at Kontakt Hub:

Based around a 1979 Soundcraft 1624 Console, selected outboard, synths & loads of drums and instruments. Majetone is the home of Producer/Engineer James Yates

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